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Oddball Family Tree

Oddball Family Tree

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Family History 

Unveiling the Oddball Family Tree: a letterpress masterpiece designed to immortalize the unconventional tales and tangled branches of your ancestry. This family tree allows you to capture the delightful disarray of real life, where Aunt Suzy turns out to be your mom, and mysterious paternities unravel. Dive into the depths of your origins, where every discovery is a twist in the plot.

Impeccably crafted on premium, durable paper, this piece marries longevity with style. Allowing you to bring to light the hidden tales and forbidden whispers that have colored your family's history in shades more complex than previously known.

This print transforms your family's secrets from whispered gossip into a shameful narrative, woven into the very fabric of time. It stands not just as a record but as a testament to the raw humanity that courses through your veins.

Grab this opportunity to bring the hidden depths of your ancestry to light by hanging it on the wall for all to see. It will become a piece of history ready to be shared, scrutinized, and cherished by generations to come.

Letterpress Print 14" x 11"

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