Collection: MoonEaze™ One Piece Long Underwear For Women

MoonEaze™ Union Suits (aka Long Underwear or Long Johns)

MoonEaze™ Union Suits are THE perfect outfit for any woman that loves hanging around in her pajamas all day long. We became enthralled with the history of the union suit and its role in the reformation of women's clothing in the late 1800s and decided we needed an update. 

Convenient, Hassle Free Rear Panel

Crafted with love and laughter right here in Portland, these one-pieces aren't just your regular union suits. We're talking union suit with a pull down flap. Yes, you read that right. You might call it the ultimate in bathroom convenience, a godsend for those 3am winter calls of nature. Imagine, you're all snuggled up and toasty, and boom! You gotta go. No need to fumble with a bunch of buttons or awkwardly disrobe. Just utilize that handy-dandy rear flap, do your thing, and you're back in cozy-town before your bed's even gone cold. There are no snaps, ties, zippers or magnets to hassle with when you use the loo.

How Does It Work?

Through ingenious pattern design and stretchy fabric. Click here for our delightful visuals on how to use it in the loo.