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Infant Hand-dyed Sleeveless Baby Rompers | MoonEaze™

Infant Hand-dyed Sleeveless Baby Rompers | MoonEaze™

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Simple tank top and shorts combo harkening back to the old time swim suits of the 1920s. MooNees™ were invented by an adult who hates putting on clothes that involve buttons or zippers. Easy on Parents, Comfy on Baby.

Did You Know?

If you spend on average 2.5 minutes a day snapping your child's fasteners, by using MooNees™ you will be saving yourself more than 20 hours over an 18 month period.

Advantages to the MoonEaze™ for Babies:

  1. No zippers or velcro to catch or scratch on baby’s tender skin
  2. No zippers, snaps or buttons to cause any choking hazards
  3. No fasteners for parents to negotiate every single time they change a diaper
  4. No zippers to break, snaps to pop off or velcro to tear up your laundry
  5. No elastic to cut into baby’s tender skin
  6. No shirt that rides up, no pants that fall down
  7. Easy on-off helps to quicken the diaper changing process
  8. The top stays put during a change so baby doesn’t get cold
  9. The design allows for an easy spot check of diaper
  10. The fit allows for both cloth and disposable diapers
  11. Baby can’t remove their own diaper
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