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Fall Into The Void Baby Blue Chunky Oversized Cardigan

Fall Into The Void Baby Blue Chunky Oversized Cardigan

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Wrap yourself in the colossal yarn of our "Fall Into the Void" Sweater, your oversized shield against the cold bite of reality and existential angst. Dyed in the shade of way too cheerful baby blue, this giant sweater is an all-encompassing comfort for your bitter, sad soul, hand-knitted with chunky threads of acrylic yarn. Perfect for pairing with your worn-out jeans of life or your black dress of despair, this sweater is your grandma's last existentialist knitting project before she passed away. With its roomy fit and bell-shaped sleeves, it's a giant cocoon that makes you look ridiculous but you don't care because you are facing the world's absurdity wrapped up in an oversized cloud.

One size fits most. Made by the brand Saachi. 

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