Soy French Terry Black Sleeveless Union Suit | Women's Full Bodysuit | MoonEaze™

Soy French Terry Black Sleeveless Union Suit | Women's Full Bodysuit | MoonEaze™

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Embracing the Unconventional: The Union Suit Story

In a world of repetitive fashion cycles, the union suit stands out like an owl at a penguin party. Imagine a sleeveless catsuit and a jumpsuit had a passionate affair, and their love-child would be our union suit. Intriguing, isn't it?

Usage Recommendations

Ideal for women seeking a more comfortable and less constricting option, this sleeveless union suit offers ample arm freedom and is great for Spring. This is a mid-weight fabric between a t-shirt and a sweatshirt so it keeps you warm. You can easily layer it with a sweater for cooler evenings. Crafted from cotton that feels as soft as butter, these one-piece pajamas provide complete coverage for your midsection throughout the night. Simply step into your slides and pull on a hoodie in the morning, and you're all set to start your day.

Reinventing the Wheel (Well, the Union Suit)

While I adore the warmth of a union suit, dealing with it during bathroom breaks was about as fun as a naked walk in Antarctica. Hence, I introduced a groundbreaking modification: the rear flap drop seat. Problem solved! Need a practical demonstration? Our MoonEaze™ demo video showcases this ingenuity at work.

Styling the Union Suit: A Canvas of Opportunities

The union suit is not just a homebody's delight; it’s a chameleon ready for any fashion adventure. Make it your companion for a cozy evening, or jazz it up with your favorite jacket and jeans for a daytime outing. As for the night-owls, a touch of bling and a stylish blazer is all it takes to make it party-ready.


  • Pull down panel in rear
  • Cuffs so legs stay put
  • Scoop neck
  • Sustainably made from local deadstock
  • Locally made In Portland, Oregon
  • Soy Modal Blend French Terry
The Magic of Black Soy Modal Blend French Terry

The fabric is where the magic happens. Salvaged from a local manufacturer named North of West, our black soy modal blend French Terry is a thing of beauty. Heavy yet soft, it embodies the comforting feeling of being wrapped in a warm, velvety cloud. This fabric is not just good looking, it's good for you.

Deadstock Alert: This fabric was purchased as deadstock. Once it's gone, it won't be restocked. 

No buttons or snaps to undo when using the loo. You're welcome.

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