Breaking Free and Flaunting the Horror of Aging

Breaking Free and Flaunting the Horror of Aging

Wearing Your Age

Alright, beautiful Hagsters, let's talk about the moment when we finally say "screw it" to the inevitability of aging and dive headfirst into the twilight years. That's when we score some major freedom from those annoying AF expectations society has about how we should look. This freedom is like a breath of fresh graveyard air, allowing us to exist authentically in our wrinkled, saggy, glorious selves.

You know the cliché of an old lady decked out in bright and bold colors, custom-made pieces adorned with handcrafted beads and buttons, festooned in lace and brocade? That stereotype exists for a reason: because as we age, we finally ditch society’s ridiculous demands and wear whatever the hell we want.

This freedom is like an all-access pass to the VIP lounge of self-confidence where we can wave goodbye to the futile efforts of impressing others. It's all now completely about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Whether it’s your battle-worn gym pants and sweatshirt or that neon orange monstrosity hanging in your closet, it’s your call. 

We're flipping the bird to the status quo and showing our daughters and granddaughters that real style, beauty, and confidence come from not giving a damn anymore and maybe just a little from the inside.

Flaunt Your Silver Strands and Laugh Lines

Our gray hair? It's like tinsel, reflecting the light of every bad decision and wild night we barely remember. Those wrinkles? They're a map of our misadventures, each crease a testament to every laugh, every tear, every "WTF just happened?" moment. And laugh lines? They’re proof that we've spent our years spreading joy and absurdity.

By showcasing these badges of honor, we're telling society’s narrow beauty standards to take a long walk off a short pier. Who has time for chasing unattainable, airbrushed Martha Stewart perfection when we’re so close to the ultimate dirt nap? Toss the makeup, hair dye, and botox. Whether you're sauntering down the street, stealing the spotlight, or just grabbing milk, let the world see the real, raw, untamed you.

Have you ever had the experience of finally giving your notice to a job you hate? That's the sensation I'm talking about here. Don't waste another moment. Start celebrating the endless possibilities that pop up when we just own our age and give a big ol' high-five to who we really are today, right now. 

How To Get Started

Here are a few tips that helped me get started. Whenever this feels challenging, remember that you’re doing this to pave the way for future generations, like your daughter and her daughter:

  1. When someone asks how old you are, tell them with pride and maybe a sinister grin. No more feeling awkward or embarrassed.
  2. Celebrate your birthday with enthusiasm! Throw a party, go on an adventure, or treat yourself to something special. I was always treating my birthday like another day. Not anymore!
  3. Wear clothes that make you feel good, regardless of what's trendy or "age-appropriate." Your style should reflect your personality and inner self. 
  4. Don't waste time & $ hiding your gray hair, wrinkles, turkey neck and laugh lines. They're signs that you've lived a full and rich life, and they make you unique. 
  5. Surround yourself with positive role models who are living their age. They'll inspire you to do the same.

Photo by Telofilmo.

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