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Dirty Sponge Card Gift Set (Card & New Sponge)

Dirty Sponge Card Gift Set (Card & New Sponge)

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Here's the perfect gift for the boring person in your life who's found joy in the riveting world of kitchen hygiene. The "Dirty Sponge" gift set celebrates finding out that the most exciting thing in your life these days is swapping out a dirty sponge for a fresh, new one. Ooo la la! Getting wild!

One minute you're young and fun, and the next, you're getting a kick out of swapping a filthy sponge for a fresh one." Ah, the small, sad victories of adulthood. 

This card is blank inside, like the void we all face when we realize Friday nights have gone from wild to mild. It comes with a gift-wrapped spankin' new sponge sized 3.1" x 3.95" x 1.15". They're gonna have a good time tonight on you!

Give it to the friend who's traded in fun for family life. 

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