How It Started

Welcome to the world of MoonEaze™, where conventional fasteners cower in the shadows and comfort reigns supreme. I'm Rosalee, the brain behind this revolution, and trust me, my journey here was anything but typical.

Imagine a life haunted by the clicking clatter of snaps and buttons. Yeah, that was me—until I hit a breaking point. You see, I'm wired a bit differently. ADHD isn't just a label; it's my everyday rollercoaster of hyperfocus and scatterbrain antics, driving an obsession with all things comfy and convenient. So, when my son arrived, the very thought of another dreaded snap had me irate. Why did every baby outfit have 20 freaking snaps, zippers that broke, scratchy and noisy velcro that wreaked havoc on my laundry, or, worse yet, buttons? Who puts buttons on baby clothes???Enter MoonEaze™ (you might remember us as the cheeky Yankers).

But why stop at kids? As the world donned pajamas for the unforeseen home office era, I thought, "Why shouldn't grown-ups have a onesie without buttons or snaps?" And just like that, the adult version was born, embracing the same fastener-free ecstasy.

Then came the Pocket Skirt saga. Every minute of every day, I am battling the chaos of ADHD, constantly losing the war against disappearing items. I swear there is some little goblin that purposely hides items and then puts them back in the most obvious places for me to find...but I looked there! I know I did.

Frustrated but never defeated, I channeled my relentless energy into a solution as stylish as it was smart. The P05K™ Pocket Skirt isn't just a garment; it's a personal assistant you can wear. Designed to overlay your outfit du jour, it's an arsenal of pockets, ready to safeguard your daily treasures while making you look darn good.

At MoonEaze™, I am all about pushing boundaries and defying norms. I champion sustainability, snubbing my nose at the wasteful ways of fast fashion by embracing deadstock and sustainable fabrics, all stitched together with local love.

So, if you're tired of the mundane, the uncomfortable, and the overly complicated, dive into the world of MoonEaze™. Join our legion of comfort crusaders and bid farewell to snap tyranny once and for all!


Rosalee Rester is Portland artist turned serial entrepreneur. Her infatuation with art goes back (way back). At age six, Rosalee watched with fascination as her second cousin Betty showed her how to press paint between two pages to create magical scenes and places. Her six-year-old resolve: recreating that wonderment.

Rosalee attended UC Davis, where she studied rhetoric and art, then went on to get an MBA from San Francisco State University. 

After the birth of her daughter, Rosalee launched Baby Wit, a baby clothing business featuring local artists and musicians.

The birth of her son in 2007 marked the inception of MoonEaze™ (formerly Yankers), a line of fastener-free baby rompers. Amid the 2019 pandemic, when the world was adopting a casual style, Rosalee introduced a line of fastener-free Union Suits, or one-piece long underwear for women.

With the invention of the MoonEaze™, she embarked on a journey of innovation and creativity. Several years into her progress, she was faced with an unexpected challenge when someone claimed a patent against something she'd created years before. Recognizing the need to protect her intellectual property, she took decisive action and filed her own patent for her P05K™ Belt Pocket Skirt, a unique and inventive concept that she had developed.

With support from a city of Portland grant, Rosalee launched Makers Outlet, a pop-up shop in November 2021. Fueled by her love for sample sales of handmade goods, Makers Outlet offered samples and discounted clothing from local vendors. 

In her professional realm, Rosalee handles the retail website for her favorite basketball team. Yet, she still finds time for passion projects, the most recent one being the launch of P05K™ Belt Pocket Skirts in July of 2023.