Origin Story

About Mod Union™ The Product:

I developed the Mod Union™ in 2007 for my infant son because I was tired of all the endless snaps, buttons and zippers. I created a romper for babies to make it easier for caregivers to check and change diapers.

Back then it was known as a Yanker® or a Yank-N-Go. Unfortunately I let our trademark lapse (oopsy daisy) and it was taken over by Crank Yankers® for their t-shirt line. I didn't fight too hard for it because it seemed a more appropriate name for puppets making crank calls. 

In 2019 I designed a Modern Union Suit for women. My Mod Unions™ can be worn alone as a one piece but the functionality of Mod Unions™ shine most when you are bundled up in a few layers and have to pee. 

About Baby Wit® LLC The Company:

Baby Wit® LLC was launched in 2004 to introduce cool baby clothing to a market space that was void of Sid Vicious, skulls, Angus and anything mentioning alternative lifestyles.

Baby Wit® LLC is the parent company that produces the Mod Union™ line. We are a small, Portland, Oregon-based woman owned company. We proudly pay our taxes, and despite the ill-advised humor, are generally nice people.

About The Founder:

As I sat in the parking lot of E-Bay prepping for a job interview I prepped by emptying my breasts. I was already late. My brain was trying to work through a fog of sleep deprivation, latching on issues, colic and baby poop and I could not muster the much needed vocabulary and mental acuity to secure a position as a product manager in the myE-bay tools department. 

I began searching for something I could do from home and saw an opening in the baby clothing market for hip baby clothes. It was 2003 and I ran with it. In 2004 I launched Baby Wit LLC and I've been lucky enough to remain at home since then.

In 2008 I introduced a new type of baby romper without any fasteners, then called the Yanker™. It came with the pull down panel in the back making it easy for caregivers to check and change an infant's diapers.

With Covid I decided to redo the patterns for women and modernize the Union Suit for women under the name Mod Unions™.

In the Winter of 2021, with a grant from the Portland Business Alliance, I launched the Makers Outlet, a holiday pop up shop carrying closeouts, samples and seconds from local makers.