Living Single: The Challenge of Connection

Living Single: The Challenge of Connection

Ah, the good old days, when the idea of hanging with your coworkers outside of work didn't sound like a waking nightmare. Now, we've become so encrusted in our little hermit shell homes that the thought of in-person interaction feels like rubbing your pasty face with sandpaper. Thanks, Covid, for pushing us from merely flirting with digital isolation to a full-blown retraction into our little isolation chambers we call home. (1)

In our homes we're kings and queens of our own private digital kingdoms, with every possible entertainment at our beck and call—Netflix binges, infinite books, and every conceivable tune. The whole world, right there, beneath our fingertips, and yet, we’re marinating in a stew of loneliness that's blanketing swaths of our entire population in a morbid blanket of anxiety and lack of purpose.(2)

We've all but retreated into our personalized bunkers, where the thought of stepping outside to meet someone for conversation is met with "Ugh, how can I cut this short and get home for the next episode of Atypical because that guy I can relate to." Our kids would rather meet their friends online with several miles between them than hop on a bike and hang outside wreaking havoc in their neighborhood. If you remember those summer nights and never wanting to come inside; you are officially old.

So, welcome to modern isolation, where your phone is your most faithful companion, and AI is inching ever closer to replacing what minimal human interaction we have left. Forget about mastering body language or sharing a genuine laugh—heck, we’re at a point where we second-guess if someone's laughing at us or with us. Who even knows anymore? Imagine navigating Singledom in this atmosphere. No wonder so many young adults are losing it. (3)

But fear not! I’ve scraped together a list of 99 things you can do to break out of your isolation chamber without looking like you’ve lost your marbles. Enjoy!

  1. Join local interest groups or clubs.
  2. Attend community events or fairs.
  3. Volunteer for local charities, shelters or organizations.
  4. Participate in group classes (yoga, dance, art, etc.).
  5. Use social media to stay connected, but wisely.
  6. Reconnect with old friends via email or social networks.
  7. Join a book club or reading group.
  8. Engage in community sports leagues.
  9. Attend religious or spiritual gatherings.
  10. Start a social hobby, like photography or bird watching.
  11. Explore friendship apps or online forums.
  12. Participate in virtual meet-ups or webinars.
  13. Start a blog to connect with like-minded individuals.
  14. Engage in video calls regularly.
  15. Join online courses to meet peers with similar interests.
  16. Use apps to learn new skills and meet people.
  17. Play interactive online games.
  18. Attend virtual concerts or art exhibitions.
  19. Use virtual reality platforms to experience new interactions.
  20. Create an online book or movie discussion group.
  21. Practice mindfulness or meditation.
  22. Adopt a consistent exercise routine.
  23. Start a daily journal to express your thoughts.
  24. Take up a new hobby like painting or gardening.
  25. Read books across various genres.
  26. Learn to cook new, exciting recipes.
  27. Watch documentaries and educational films.
  28. Set regular self-care rituals (spa days, long baths, etc.).
  29. Practice self-compassion and positive self-talk.
  30. Listen to motivational speakers or podcasts.
  31. Practice breathing exercises to reduce anxiety.
  32. Learn about emotional intelligence and management.
  33. Adopt a pet for companionship.
  34. Join a gym or fitness center.
  35. Take regular walks in nature.
  36. Try out new sports (e.g., rock climbing, paddleboarding).
  37. Engage in regular stretching or yoga.
  38. Participate in dance classes.
  39. Plan regular cycling outings.
  40. Attend martial arts classes.
  41. Organize or join hiking groups.
  42. Redecorate your living space.
  43. Create a cozy, comforting environment at home.
  44. Establish a routine to structure your day.
  45. Set goals for personal achievements.
  46. Reduce clutter through regular decluttering sessions.
  47. Plan theme nights for yourself (movie night, spa night, etc.).
  48. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle to focus on what truly matters.
  49. Grow an indoor herb garden or small plants.
  50. Take time for regular digital detoxes.
  51. Learn DIY home improvement skills.
  52. Start a DIY project.
  53. Engage in creative writing or poetry & join a writing group.
  54. Learn to play a musical instrument & join a band
  55. Take up knitting, sewing, or crafting.
  56. Experiment with different forms of art.
  57. Start a vlog or YouTube channel.
  58. Design and create your own clothing.
  59. Engage in photography and photo editing.
  60. Create a scrapbook or photo album.
  61. Paint or draw in an outdoor setting.
  62. Enroll in educational courses (online or in-person).
  63. Visit museums, galleries, or exhibitions.
  64. Watch TED Talks or educational series.
  65. Explore different cultures through books or documentaries.
  66. Learn a new language.
  67. Attend lectures or talks in your community.
  68. Join a debate club or group.
  69. Explore the local library or bookstore.
  70. Participate in workshops or seminars.
  71. Study a topic you’re passionate about deeply.
  72. Plan solo travel adventures.
  73. Explore local attractions or hidden gems.
  74. Organize day trips to nearby towns.
  75. Document your travels through a blog or social media.
  76. Try out different cuisines in your travels.
  77. Visit national parks or nature reserves.
  78. Engage in eco-tourism.
  79. Plan a road trip across your country or state.
  80. Explore historical sites or landmarks.
  81. Explore meditation retreats.
  82. Engage in regular prayer or spiritual reading.
  83. Attend mindfulness workshops.
  84. Practice tai chi or qigong.
  85. Explore different spiritual philosophies.
  86. Join a yoga retreat.
  87. Engage in fasting or detox retreats.
  88. Journal your spiritual journey.
  89. Fill your house with music.
  90. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  91. Open your window to hear birds and street sounds.
  92. Talk to strangers like your barista, checkout clerk, bartender.
  93. Get a part time service job. 
  94. Get a roommate.
  95. Get into ham radios.
  96. Knitting & crochet crafting groups are the bomb.
  97. Paint a giant wall mural.
  98. Join an Anon group like AA, NA GA, OA, SAA, DA, WA, EA, NicA, CA, CLA, DRA, ACA or ACoA. There's one for everyone.
  99. Become certified in Emergency Preparedness so you can save all your neighbors. 
  100. Write blog posts no one reads.


(1) Loneliness in America: How the Pandemic Has Deepened an Epidemic of Loneliness and What We Can Do About It

(2) Americans are lonely and it’s killing them. How the US can combat this new epidemic.

(3) On Edge: Understanding and Preventing Young Adults’ Mental Health Challenges

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