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Hagsters™ Old People Deodorant Soap

Hagsters™ Old People Deodorant Soap

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Hagsters™ Deodorizing Persimmon Soap with Aloe Bergamot Fragrance

This product is handcrafted, all natural, Non-GMO sustainably packaged soap made in the Pacific NW. This brown paper wrapper is full of Mother Nature.

Hagsters™ has combined the power of three incredible ingredients to create a soap that not only makes you smell fabulous but also has your skin's back (literally). Let's meet the all-star lineup in Hagsters' Persimmon, Aloe, and Bergamot Soap:

  1. Persimmon: This nonenal-neutralizing fruit ninja is ready to kick some serious odor butt. Thanks to its tannins, persimmon extract is the star player in the battle against that grassy, greasy smell nobody wants to be associated with.

  2. Aloe: Aloe vera, the sunburn savior, is here to keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and smelling fresh. Its moisturizing and soothing properties make it the perfect sidekick for persimmon in this epic soap adventure.

  3. Bergamot: Last but not least, the citrusy secret agent, bergamot, fights bacteria with its antimicrobial powers while offering a refreshing and uplifting scent that'll make you feel like you've just stepped out of a spa.

Ready to say goodbye to nonenal and hello to a fresh, youthful scent? Hagsters™ Persimmon, Aloe, and Bergamot Soap is here to save the day. This soaps helps eliminate Nonenal odors, as armpit, vaginal and foot odors. Pleasant scented soap will leave your skin feeling silky and moisturized. Start washing with our deodorizing bar and you're lady parts (or old man parts) will feel fresh and new.

ANTI-ODOR. This soaps helps eliminate Nonenal odors, as armpit, vaginal and foot odors.

Handmade in the USA.

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