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P05K Launch: Where Functionality Meets Simplicity in Fastener-Free Fashion!



Portland, Oregon – September 8, 2023

In a world where fashion often errs on the side of complexity, a maverick from Portland, Oregon is quietly advocating for a return to simplicity, comfort, and – let's just say it – sanity. 

Rosalee, who prefers to think of herself less as a fashion designer and more as a comfort advocate, is delighted to introduce the world to P05K™  Waist Pockets and Pocket Skirts. Now, don't expect fireworks and drum rolls. But do expect a modest, yet brilliantly functional pieces of clothing that recognizes the simple joy of having a place to keep your things – featuring four broad compartments, additional pockets, and a keychain carabiner that is bound to come in handy, probably more than you'd initially think. It's less of a fashion statement and more of a pledge to make your life just a tad easier, one pocket at a time.

But wait, there's more!

Step aside, complicated fasteners and buttons that serve no other purpose than to test our patience. The union suit for women, a marvel in the P05K collection, is here to revolutionize comfort with its entirely fastener-free design. You heard it right, no snaps or buttons to fiddle with in the loo, just a seamless experience from the moment you slip it on.

This ingenious creation has its roots in the humble Yankers, a baby romper that first graced the world in 2008. As the pandemic rolled in, Rosalee saw an opportunity to morph this comfort icon into Mod Unions™, a sanctuary of comfort for women who'd rather not engage in a wrestling match with their clothing every time they visit the restroom.

At the heart of P05K™ is a commitment to sustainable practices, devoid of any grandeur. Nestled in North Portland, the brand is a beacon of slow fashion, utilizing sustainable fabrics and deadstock from local manufacturers. Every piece is crafted locally, echoing a gentle reminder that fashion can be conscientious, comfortable, and delightfully practical.

And just when you think you've seen it all, Rosalee invites you to her blog — a cozy corner where she humorously and candidly explores the underrated charm of pockets, fostering a community where like-minded pocket enthusiasts can converge and revel in their shared appreciation for practical fashion.

For a glimpse into the world of comfort-meets-functionality, contact:

Rosalee Rester

About P05K™:

P05K, situated in St. Johns,  Portland, Oregon, is a beacon of hope in a world of fashion that sometimes takes itself a bit too seriously. Spearheaded by serial entrepreneur Rosalee Rester, P05K™ seeks to champion garments that are as comfortable and functional as they are inclusive and sensible, reminding us all that sometimes, simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication.


I work in a large warehouse and hate not having my stuff on me at all times. Can't count the number of times I've gotten locked out because I forgot my keys, put my phone down on a shelf and can't find it, gotten so thirsty while tagging clothing...


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